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Governance and Executive Management Support is our speciality. Here are some of the things we do to take our clients pain points and turn them into love points

Board secretariat

Our most popular assignment.  We manage this whole process for you end to end – from setting meeting dates, preparing agendas, gathering papers for the board pack, communication between directors and advisors, taking the minutes and managing action items.

We also stay on top of your compliance obligations too.

We can use your existing systems or perform a complete re-evaluation of systems and tools to ensure your board is being as efficient as possible in your governance role.

Check out our testimonials from clients who got their valuable time back, and who now get to really add value to their board now they have an Absolute Gem as their Board Secretary.

BoardPro is our preferred governance tool, our clients find BoardPro to be simple and easy to use (even for the most technologically challenged!) allowing Directors access on any device anywhere in the world.  Your governance documents are all held in one place and are supremely secure.  Absolute Gems are experts in setting up BoardPro, setting up your systems is key to ensuring smooth ongoing use – talk to us about making BoardPro your governance tool.

Project management

Projects are often short spans of time where you need an additional resource with expertise in managing project resources as efficiently as possible.  Adding an Absolute Gem to your team means you have independent expertise for that short period. 

We can be as detailed as you need us to be – initiating, planning, executing, controlling project planning, gantt charts, stakeholder communications meeting the specific success criteria at the specified time.

We work with you to determine the clear outcomes, set milestones and other key deliverables and then meet those targets until project completion.

Talk to us about having an Absolute Gem join your project team.

Event management

We love parties!  Whether it is an internal event or a public event we can take care of this process for you end to end – tell us what you want and we can make it happen. 

We have been involved in huge events – 10,000 people at Toast Martinborough, or small company staff thank you events that really show appreciation as well as arranging roadshows throughout the country using Eventbrite. 

With our experience no part of the process is missed, you can safely delegate organising and running your events to us.  Talk to us about running your event.

Contract and document preparation

The heart of a professional services business is its outward facing documents.  It is essential for a professional business to have a suite of consistent professional documents and templates.

We love to make you look exceptional!  Hand us your documents and we will revamp them into templates that match your brand.

We’ve worked on 300+ page legal documents, policy and procedure manuals, business continuity plans, acquisition flyers and information memorandums, employment contracts and many more specialised documents. 

Talk to us about how we can make your documents look exceptional!

Proposal, RFP and RFI preparation and process management

Proposals, RFP and RFI’s are often short term projects where you need an external resource just to manage the process from end to end.  We can prepare the documents to go out to vendors, evaluate their responses and work with you in your selection process.  We can even continue on and ensure your preferred supplier meets the KPI’s you have specified.

Our experience ranges from professional services supply to food and beverage suppliers.  Big or small you can trust us to manage your proposals professionally.

Talk to us today about managing your proposal process.

Recruitment process management

Recruiting the right person can be time consuming!  Even liaising with recruitment professionals can take valuable time that you just don’t have.  Whether it is as simple as preparing the job description or more complex in providing you with a best practice induction timetable and guide to independently evaluating applications we can help you get the person you need.

Not quite sure what you need? Have us research the position and give you options to include in your job description, or write your advertisement for you.

Chat to us about how we can help you get your very own Absolute Gem.


Need a PowerPoint presentation that will dazzle clients or prospective clients? No problem!  Simply outline what you want and we will put together a presentation that is on brand, fully animated and suits your audience. 

Want to see some examples of presentations we’ve done in the past? Send us an email.

Virtual assistance

When work gets busy, you need an expert in organisation!  Hello, you have found us!

We can manage your diary and work obligations, reply to emails and liaise with your customers on your behalf.  We work with you setting work and time into your schedule to make sure that nothing gets missed and deadlines are met.  We add value wherever we can to ease your workload, knowing that the small admin tasks are usually the ones that get set aside and then cascade into a mountain when they all catch up to each other.

Delegating your administration means that you get to focus on your own expertise, doing what you love, leaving what you don’t love to us.

We’ve been virtual assistants for over 15 years, we have great systems and tech that enable us to do everything an in place assistant can do for you remotely.  Have a chat to us about how we can make this work for you.

Efficient, Effective, Executive Support, so you can do what you love and love what you do