About Us

about us


Formed in April 2019 by Jen Butler, Absolute Gems' core business is supporting good governance practice through exceptional executive support. The type of work we do is varied from:
  • Board secretariat
  • Agendas, board pack, minutes, action follow up, research, challenge topics
  • Health and safety plan reviews, people capability and culture documentation and reviews
  • Annual work plans, director appointment, shareholder correspondence
  • Contract and document preparation
  • Presentations
  • Proposal and RFP preparation
  • Event management
  • Project management
  • Brand and digital consistency
  • Virtual assistance


After nearly two decades of supporting high level executives and the changing governance environment, I realised there was a need for independent directors to be supported so they could be effective and efficient in their independent roles.

There was also a need for businesses to be supported with the experience, knowledge and skills I had obtained in the years prior to Absolute Gems launch. 

Having an existing relationship with someone who knows your business and is capable of stepping in to fill a need in a moment’s notice, who you can trust to complete the tasks required to a high standard is a valuable asset – after all you get all the experience and skill while only paying for what you need, when you need it.


A good board secretary can make a big difference to any board; providing valuable governance information, skills and reliable minutes that the board can look back on and present to potential new directors and shareholders.

The compliance obligations of directors and companies can be complex without the right training and knowledge.

At times, boards need the services of an executive assistant, preparation of confidential information and other executive support where the skills or capacity may not be available in their own businesses.  Absolute Gems provides peace of mind that the work will be completed independently, confidentially and professionally. 

The level of communication you receive from Absolute Gems will reassure you throughout your relationship that the assignments are being carried out to your requirements, and your clients are well looked after.


Having been a virtual PA for many years, I understand how to manage working at a distance. Most of the time, the people I work with don’t realise that I am simply not part of your on-site team.

My systems, processes and experience mean that while I am not physically next to you, I’m available and conducting and your business professionally – as if you were one desk away.

Efficient, Effective, Executive Support, so you can do what you love and love what you do